Scheduled Task Set ADR Disabled or Enabled SCCM ConfigMgr

When I setup a customers SCCM (ConfigMgr) site for patching I use ADR’s (Automatic Deployment Rules) to create a no hassle patching cycle each month.
This is done by automatically creating the monthly Software Update groups and then creating the deployments but NOT enabling them to the customer’s Pilot collections, Release Collections and Production Collections. This allows the customer to effectively “right click, enable” the deployment to that collection when ready.

The problem you have with this is the “Critical” security patches that are released out of the usual time period. You know the patches that cover that hole that no one noticed before release!
Anyway to get round that I create more ADR’s that run every day checking for a “Critical” Patch release. The issue with this is if left… Yep you guessed it, it will run on the monthly schedule day as well, which will just duplicate content.

So I came up with this Script to be run as a Scheduled Task by a service account just before the main ADR’s run and then later that day when they are complete.

Here is the Script:

Here is the XML for the Scheduled Task to disable the daily ADRs. You will have to change some details but this should get you going. When you want to re-enable it in the evening just change line 65 from Disable to enable:

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