PowerShell Add Variables to Machines from CSV SCCM ConfigMgr

So it used to be a bit trickier to add a custom variable or multiple variables to a machine object in SCCM/ConfigMgr. But since the addition of the awesome New-CMDeviceVariable Cmdlet it’s a breeze!

Basically I’m in the midst of automating a clients Server Builds. As they have a lovely spreadsheet with all details of each server I thought I’d nock this up as a starter this evening.

So the script imports the CSV specified and from there creates the variables supplied in the CSV to the machine that is named in the CSV (that’s a lot of CSV). If the script cant find the Machine object (say you are doing hundreds or thousands!) that is named in the CSV file it will log that name to a text file called “NotFound.txt” in the script root folder.

As always comments throughout the script explain every step.

Anyway here is the script and CSV example:


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