PowerShell add DaRT Remote Control to SCCM Boot Image Early V2

Ok so I’m sure like a lot of people out there we all love those scripts that Johan Arwidmark, Mikael Nystrom, Peter Löfgren and all the other MVPs write that make our lives easier!

Any way Johan recently released an awesome PowerShell script to inject DaRT into a ConfigMgr boot image and configure remote control from the MDT Monitoring node using a  launching script written by Alexey Semibratov.
Adding DaRT to ConfigMgr Boot Images – And starting it earlier than early

The beauty of adding this to your boot image is the point at which you are then able to remote control a task sequence, you can literally remote control the machine being built before the DP password has been entered, allowing the ConfigMgr Admin(s) to easily troubleshoot an issue.

I want to make it clear that the original script was created by Johan and without his work I would not have come up with this. What I have done (having a spare Saturday) is tweak it a little to take parameters and configure it all. This means you do not have to open any files to change any information 🙂 I even update the XML for you, install Dart, the works!

Anyway head over to here to download the script: Add-DartToBootImageV2

The steps for configuration are as follows:

  • Create a folder to drop the Add-DartToBooImageV2 files into. E.g “E:\Setup\Scripts\Add-DartToBooImageV2” Note: no spaces please 🙂
Folder structure for Add-DarttobootimageV2
  • Copy all script files downloaded from above and your version of the MSDaRT100.MSI (DaRT 10 x64) installer into that folder as well.
  • Next head over to you MDT deployment share and grab the monitoring service address.
MDT Deployment Share Monitoring Host Address
  • Now head over to ConfigMgr and grab the Name of the boot image you would like to enable DaRT remote control on.
  • Once you have collected that information open a command prompt as Administrator on your site server.
  • Now navigate (cd) to E:\Setup\Scripts\Add-DartToBooImageV2
  • Ensure the drive you choose has enough space to mount the boot image as the script will create and clean up for you.
  • And run the script with the following command line:

Running the script:

Add-DartToBootImageV2.ps1 Running
Add-DartToBootImageV2.ps1 Running 2

Reaping the rewards:

PXE boot with DaRT 10 SCCM MDT

The script:


4 Replies to “PowerShell add DaRT Remote Control to SCCM Boot Image Early V2”

  1. Hi,

    instead of a findfile for MDT, DaRT use this?

    $MDTDefaultPath = (Get-ItemProperty -Path “HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Deployment 4”).Install_Dir
    $DartDefaultPath = (Get-ItemProperty -Path “HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DaRT\v10”).InstallPath

    regards, roland

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