Export Sites and Subnets PowerShell to CSV

I came across an issue the other day when setting up a primary site for a customers Regional Office. The issue was that when enabling discovery methods namely the “Active Directory Forest Discovery“. As I’m sure you are aware there is a useful tick box that can be marked to “Automatically create IP address range boundaries for IP subnets when they are discovered“. This although a usually a useful check box caused the Discovery Method to pull back EVERY subnet listed globally… about 2500)!

So to get round this I created this PowerShell Script to export the Sites required and the Subnets associated with the sites in Active Directory Sites and Subnets. This script will export the data to a CSV that can then be imported into ConfigMgr later using this script.

Note: If you run the script without Parameters and just want to enter one Site to export, just hit enter on the next line and it will then ask you for save location.

Note: As in the image at the bottom of this page the save location must include the CSV Name e.g. “C:\temp\sites.csv”

The Image below shows the script being run and the output:

Export Sites and Subnets to CSV PowerShell Script
Export Sites and Subnets to CSV PowerShell Script

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